CBCTUT Players off to the Commonwealth Games

CBCTUT is very proud of our international athletes from Zambia in Kelvin Ndhlovu and Kundanji Kalengo who will be representing their country in the upcoming Commonwealth Games in Birmingham starting on the 28th July 2022. 

Kelvin, the Zambian National Coach for the event says he is really excited for the tournament which takes place at the Birmingham Hockey and Squash Centre. 

He explains, “Kundanji is up against Canadian Nick Sachvie (World Ranking 98) in the first round on Friday. It’s really exciting for him being at the Games for the first time and he’s thoroughly looking forward to his first match. I have never seen Nick play but I know Kundanji stands a great chance getting through to round two. He’s in a good shape physically and mentally and he’s on top of his game right now. It will not be easy though, he is in a tough draw with world-class athletes but I believe his athleticism and mental toughness coupled with his skills will definitely get him through.”  

Kelvin is no stranger to the Commonwealth Games, have represented at the Games in 2010, 2014 and 2018. He was also the flagbearer for Zambia at the 2018 Commonwealth Games and his experience should be a calming presence to the rest of the team.

Everyone here at CBCTUT will be supporting Kelvin and Kundanji and we will be glued to our screens to see how they do!

To see the schedule please click on the link below:


CBC – Northerns Squash League Champions

CBC & TUT has had an extremely successful league this year with winning 4 out of our 5 finals! 

The first one came under our belt when our ladies 2nd league took on tough opponents against CSIR. However, the team lead by Nikita Backer, which compromised of Jessica Cullinan, Carina Walters and Teegan Bothma were able to take the narrow win! It came down to points at the end but the ladies had done enough to take it 181 to 175!

The following day promised to be a big one! Both our 1st and 2nd leagues were playing in their respective finals with the 1st league on the hunt for that much alluded trophy. They were up against a strong Uitsig outfit but with our regular number 4, Brendon Paul, who has had a remarkable season, unable to make the final it was up to the rest of the team to make that difference! The team of Kundanji Kalengo, Kelvin Ndhlovu, Sipho Ncube and Arno Vrey were just too strong on the night and were finally able to be crowned 1st League Northerns Champions for 2021 with a dominant 12-5 win! 

Meanwhile, at Glenwood, the 2nd League were also in a hotly contested battle for that top spot! The team of Tafadzwa Tembo, Eric Kpama, Jason Maher and Pierre Mornet also proved to be too strong and came away with a 13-4 win! A special shoutout goes to TK, Eric and Pierre for having an unbeaten season!

The following Monday saw the likes of the 11th league take the stage against an unbeaten Bronkhorstspruit team. With losing the fixture earlier on in the year against the team, our new captain Johan Grobler and his team of Sifiso Nguenha, Kgosi Khiba and Jessica Cullinan were up for the challenge! After a few closely contested games, it took a captains effort from Johan to win his game 3-0 to ensure that it went down to points! The match was on a knife’s edge but the team had done enough to win 207 to 200. Only 7 points in it!

The last fixture of the season saw the 5th league go up against another strong Uitsig team at home. Originally labelled the “Dad Team”, Tobie Botha and his now recently young new team (all the older guys got injured) of Sean White, Armand Pretorius and actual new dad Henco Harmse were up for a cracking day! Unfortunately, the result didn’t go our way and they lost the fixture 16-4, but I heard they still feasted on some ribs at the end of the night to celebrate a fantastic season! 

CBC & TUT is incredibly proud of all our league results and teams this year! With being one of the only clubs to grow during lockdown and Covid, the future is sure looking bright! Next up on our agenda is our Club Champs which is currently underway and you can be sure we are all looking forward to our End of Year Function on the 4th of December. I don’t know where I heard this from but apparently there is going to be a fire breathing performance . . .  

Northerns Squash PSA Tournament 2020: Rivalry on the Front Porch

Northerns Satellite PSA Tournament

This passing weekend Northerns hosted a PSA Challenger Series Satellite tournament at the Pretoria Country club. Being a PSA ranking tournament, it caught the eye of many top squash athletes with players coming in from all over the country. As always, CBT showed up in force, not only in support but we had 11 players participating across all the divisions, which was a CBT first!

Northerns Satellite Winners
Kelvin Ndhlovu PSA Winner Northerns Open

Our players did extremely well as well! In the C Section, Jason Maher placed 14th , Pierre Mornet placed 10th, Tyrone Le Roux placed 8th whilst Sipho Vuyeka placed 3rd! In the B Section, Andrew McMahon and Tafadzwa Tembo placed 14th and 12th respectively. Our ladies exceled with Amy Farrel coming 6th in the Womens 1st Plate and Makgosi Peloakgosi coming 3rd in the Womens 1st Plate. In the Mens A Section, CBT really dominated with Sipho Ncube placing 7th but the main attraction was that CBT players Kelvin Ndhlovu and Kundanji Kalengo had both reached the finals!

Last year’s runner up Kelvin Ndhlovu found himself in the final once again against his teammate Kundanji Kalengo. This titanic clash lead to a 5-set game where Kelvin came out on top. The 3-2 score kept the CBT supporters on their feet and short of breath. During this game Kelvin won the first set, but Kundanji came back with the equalizer. Kundanji beat Kelvin in the third set, and from this point it was Kelvin all the way. With impressive 11/2 and 11/8 scores during the last two sets!

All-in-all, it was a very successful tournament and yet again our club showed passion, competitiveness and determination! Our presence was made not only on the court but in the stands as well and we are grateful for everyone that came and supported. As a club we are becoming stronger because of the members and their loyalty to the club, and we wish to maintain this incline in interest. We hope to see more of CBT members present at these events. And with that a final congratulations and thanking to the abovementioned players, supporters and coordinators for the successful weekend. 

Kundanji Kalengo and Kelvin Ndhlovu mens finalist

Northerns Squash Fixture 2020

Northerns Squash League Fixtures 2020

The 2020 Northerns Squash League Fixtures are now available. CBCOB & TUT Squash Club entered two more extra teams and we are very optimistic about the upcoming season. If you would like to join the league please contact Pierre Mornet 084 903 2400

Rustenburg Squash Tour 2020

Rustenburg Squash new years tournament

CBCTUT Squash Club started off the 2020 season off with a bang after a long and much deserved holiday. Two teams descended down to Rustenburg on the 25th of January for the weekend which promised the likes of good squash, memories and new friendships. The teams consisted of players throughout various leagues within the clubs and some well-known imports filling in the gaps.

The team in the A section consisted of Adelaar’s 1st League player, Brandon, who is an up and coming youngster as well the old CBT faithfuls in Jason, Tyrone and Pierre. The ladies consisted of our latest recruit in Makgosi and the newly appointed, much-against-her-will, and last minute captain, Amy Farrell. The team in the B section had some serious firepower as well with Henco captaining the side. Other members included Daniel, Vincent and Jessica Cullinan, with our imports Jessica “McLovin” McDonald and Johan (a Rustenburg local) filling in the remaining spots.

Upon arrival and a few pancakes in, both teams settled in and got onto the court to play their first fixture. The A team did surprisingly well and beat JP Brits team 11-10 whilst the B team weren’t so lucky in their opening match. After the sloppiest of Joe’s for lunch, round 2 commenced with both teams losing their fixtures but with a few good wins along the way. You could say that some of the players were a bit distracted about the nightly festivities that were to come . . After a rather lengthy and especially boozy fines sessions, our players were raring to go and made sure our eccentric and contagious presence was known. For the sake of this article and a few people’s dignity we will leave the Saturday’s night escapade there . .

Sunday was a new day and with most players only getting a few hours sleep in it was time to Carpe Diem! With a few “reg-maakers” handed out by the veteran drinkers in Henco and Johan to the inexperienced campaigners and a boerie roll for breakfast, most were good to go. Surprisingly, most players were still seeing double and this resulted in another 2 losses for our teams for Sunday’s result.

All-in-all, it was a tremendously enjoyable weekend and a great start to the year! We will be sure to add this event to our yearly calender!

CBT Squash: Blitz League Champions on and off the court

CBC TuT & Tuks Northerns Blitz League

On Thursday night CBC & TUT Squash Club competed in the Northerns Blitz League finals. The Men’s team had to beat last years league winners and the ladies took on the undefeated Tuks ladies’ side. 

The ladies worked very hard and if a few nicks went our way the scorecard might have revealed a different winning team. However, Tuks played extremely well and fought for every point and they were the better side on the day beating our ladies 12 -6. 

The boys came out to play and even Jason a huge underdog took a game from Uitsig. Uitsig however was prepared for a tough game and came out blazing. It was with hard work and determination that we manage to win 14 -3 and took home the Blitz League Trophy for the first time. 

Northerns Blitz League results
Northerns blitz league champions

We would like to thank all our supporters. More than 20 people for CBT strolled through the doors to support our two teams. 

Thank you Uitsig and Tuks for the competitive games and the sportsmanship showed during these matches, as well as the laughs and drinks we shared afterwards.  A great thanks must go to Liz Mckenzie and Anton Louw for the role you play in promoting Northerns Squash and your respective clubs.

We are looking forward to a great season and growing Northerns squash in 2020. 

Thanks to Blaar and the Northerns team for organising the event. 

Kelvin Ndlovu & Kundanji Kalengo

CBC & TUT Squash in the Northerns Blitz League Final

CBC squash in Blitz league final

CBC & TUT Squash entered this years’ Northerns Blitz league with low expectations with a few players missing and some players not as fit as they would like to be. 

Despite these challenges, our ladies’ and mens’ teams managed to win last night in the semi-finals and proved that they will be serious contenders for this year’s league titles. Finals will be played on Thursday 20 February at Tuks. 

Please come and support our teams. The 1st match starts at 6PM at L.C. De Villiers.

Mielieland 2019: Building lifelong friendship through squash

Mielieland squash with cbc

Mielieland 2019

The Mielieland Squash tour is a highlight on the CBC Old Boys Calendar. It always lives up to its reputation and ensures everybody goes home dead tired and entertained.

This year was no exception- we took two teams to Mielieland playing in an extremely tough A-Section. We had some well skilled imports from TUKS, and they proved to be great assets on and off the court.

Strangers got together to play squash this past weekend and walked away as friends with everlasting memories, nicknames and jokes.  

The following players represented CBCOB Pretoria

Here for Beer Again

  1.       Kelvin Ndlovu AKA Fuel Tank
  2.       Sipho Mcyphos AKA Flash
  3.       Shane Maelane AKA Sleep-A-Lot
  4.       Tinus Havinga AKA Giel
  5.       Steven AKA Old Boy
  6.       Amy Farrel AKA Dramy
  7.       Cornelie Read AKA Donkie

Here for Beer Too                                                                                 

  1.       Kundanji Kalengo AKA Stretch
  2.       Pierre Mornet AKA Pedro
  3.       Tyrone AKA Blommie / Weekend Special
  4.       Daniel Pretorius AKA Toight
  5.       Thulani Makoena AKA Oupa
  6.       Jessica Mcdonald AKA Sweet but Psycho / Mclovin
  7.       Kimberly Mcdonald AKA Old Mcdonald

We appreciate the continued support from Anton Louw (TUT) and CBC Old Boys squash committee members. We would like to grow the number of teams in 2020 and ensure that we do not just play squash but build lifelong friendship.

Go the Greens

CBT Squash Agenda 2019 AGM


    1. Payment System
      1. Moving forward we would like to propose two options for payment. EFT and Snapscan. Smaller transactions such as the buying of shirts will be reserved for the Snapscan facilities.
      2. Membership after July will be set to half price. Monthly membership subscriptions will not be considered as this becomes a hassle with management and keeping track of it all.    
      3. An email option will also be available for all parties involved (office and committee)
    2. League
      1. 2x Captains minimum per weekday (Monday to Thursday).
      2. New league bylaws.
      3. League training.
        1. Volunteers to do 2 training sessions out of season and 1 in season per week.
        2. Beginner group and intermediate to advanced group.
        3. Play with people better and worse than yourself, part of player of the year award.
      4. Leagues for 2020
        1. 8 Men
        2. 3 Ladies
    3. Sponsorships for 2020 (Tins, Shirts, Bar, Player of the Year Award Board).
    4. Shirts for 2020 – 2023
      1. Responsible
      2. Type
      3. Cost
      4. Ladies options
    5. Coaching
      1. Minimum membership required to receive coaching at the club.
      2. Maximum Fees for league player R250p/h
      3. Outside coaches allowed to coach CBC members outside of peak hours
      4. All coaches must register on the website in 2020
      5. Coaching Academy possibility 2020
    6. Non-Members
      1. No pay, no play. No day passes. It is cheap enough to become a member and we want to try and promote growth in the club.
      2. Other Northerns squash players may practise with club members with pre-approval from the committee.
      3. Any member ignoring this rule will be held responsible for the social membership and lights fee of that player.
    7. Student membership 16+
      1. R330 to CBC, SA Squash R120, Lights R350 = R900 Total
      2. Social R350 (Kids for coaching)
      3. TUT R300 for lights and a R50 WiFi fee.
    8. Scholars under 16
      1. R350
      2. League R550
    9. League Members R1750 (Increase in Northerns & Squash SA fees)
    10. Bar Upgrades
      1. Cupboards
      2. Microwave
      3. Hotplate
      4. Coffee Option?
    11. Sound / Computer (Sponsor, could provide us with a DSTV option on a decent PC)
    12. Aircon / Fans (High Cost)
    13. Bathroom Upgrades
      1. Hooks in Ladies
      2. Towels (Who will Clean them?)
    14. Social Membership 2020
      1. R1200 (R660 Subs, R350 lights, rest for the club admin. R100 p/m lights incl, most clubs charged R20 – R30 an hour for lights.
    15. Peak hours & Social Members
      1. On league days on peak hours only League members due to the availability of courts and the lack of bar and events support from our social members.
    16. 1st League Ladies
      1. We will have to pay a player for the No.1 spot (sponsorship?)
    17. 2020 in-house tournaments
      1. Club Championship
        1. Ladies
        2. Mens
        3. Junior 
        4. Master
      2. Doubles
      3. Ranking Tournament February
      4. A continuous player of the year competition
    18. Admin Management / Website / eCommerce
      1. Allow CBC office to the website
      2. No pay, No Access to booking or lights
      3. Quarterly mailer
      4. People responsible for website
        1. Subscriptions
        2. eCommerce
        3. Posts & Updates
    19. 2020 Tournaments to attend
      1. Mielieland
      2. Rhodes
      3. Rustenburg New Year Tournament
      4. UK or other options
    20. Lights Fees
      1. R350 2020
    21. DSTV
      1. R400 club point
      2. Through PC with a members subscription
    22. Structural Issues
      1. Quotes for main club for:
        1. Court 1 wall
        2. Front Walls
        3. Sidewall repairs previous effort by the unqualified company that caused  massive cracks damage to the walls
      2. Painting of courts after fixes
      3. Shade structure on deck
    23. WiFi extension for club PC + Access to all players including TUT(R50per TUT member)
    24. Social Cost
    25. Choose Committee members

January Squash Update

Squash 2019
Our men’s 1st team came 2nd in the Northerns league last year. Kelvin Ndhlovu won Northerns League Player of the Year 2019 and Amy Farrell represented Northerns at Jarvis in 2019
CBCTUT Squash Club has had a great start to the year so far! 2020 has seen an influx of new players all excited to play league and help grow the club. 
We have just recently came back from the Rustenburg New Years Tournament which saw 2 teams compete in the A and B Section respectively. The next 4 weeks have been booked out for a Mini Club Champs which will help with a ranking system for the Northerns Squash League which starts in the 3rd week of February. We currently have about 50 men and 15 ladies playing club champs which is a huge improvement of only about 45 people in total playing club champs last year! To accommodate all these new members, we have introduced a new team in the 12th league and as well as a new ladies league. Our 5th league team has been promoted to 4th league which shows you that not only are we getting bigger but stronger as well! 
With regards to maintenance, we have a contact that is willing to build new cupboards for behind the bar, we just need to supply the material for him and compensate him some basic food items. We also have been donated an industrial aircon and are in the process of figuring out how to install it and what procedures we need to go through. We would like to ask the main club if that can fix all the walls and cracks on the courts as this is becoming an issue. Our 1st league is reluctant to play on court 1 due to the unpredictability of the bounce. We are also in the process of looking at a retractable canopy rooftop for our deck to keep us cool on hot days and dry during wet days. 
We hope with all these new improvements we can hopefully we can keep this momentum going forward and continue to grow the club!
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