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The CBC Old Boys Union was formed with the goal of promoting welfare of the Christian Brothers College, to establish a bond of unity amongst past pupils and to hold social gathering. Only later on did the Union establish the CBC Old Boys Memorial Club as a memorial to the Christian Brothers College Old Boys who lost their lives in World War 2. The names of these men are recorded on the pinnacle of the memorial just in front of the patio outside.

The CBC Old Boys Union signed a lease with the city council on 1st April 1952. However Hockey and Cricket had commenced long before we had our own premises. Hockey was the first sub section of the club followed by cricket in 1945. Back in the early days we also had an operatic (singing and theatre) sub section and later on in 1961 our squash and bowls sections came about.
Although the lease was signed in 1952 funding was scarce and thus we only completed our club house in 1956. Before that we had already developed our cricket field and had a temporary change room.

The main club building where our bar and hall are is the original club house with the original bar counter still used today.
The CBC Old Boys Club eventually took over the lease from the council and in recent years the Union has ceased to exist. We are a non-profit sports and social club aiming to serve the community through sports and recreation. We currently have sub sections for Masters Hockey, Soccer, Squash, Cricket, Bowls and Nedbank Running Club are also affiliated to us. We have over 200 members and are one of the longest standing and strongest clubs in Pretoria.

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