Mielieland 2019: Building lifelong friendship through squash

Mielieland squash with cbc

Mielieland 2019

The Mielieland Squash tour is a highlight on the CBC Old Boys Calendar. It always lives up to its reputation and ensures everybody goes home dead tired and entertained.

This year was no exception- we took two teams to Mielieland playing in an extremely tough A-Section. We had some well skilled imports from TUKS, and they proved to be great assets on and off the court.

Strangers got together to play squash this past weekend and walked away as friends with everlasting memories, nicknames and jokes.  

The following players represented CBCOB Pretoria

Here for Beer Again

  1.       Kelvin Ndlovu AKA Fuel Tank
  2.       Sipho Mcyphos AKA Flash
  3.       Shane Maelane AKA Sleep-A-Lot
  4.       Tinus Havinga AKA Giel
  5.       Steven AKA Old Boy
  6.       Amy Farrel AKA Dramy
  7.       Cornelie Read AKA Donkie

Here for Beer Too                                                                                 

  1.       Kundanji Kalengo AKA Stretch
  2.       Pierre Mornet AKA Pedro
  3.       Tyrone AKA Blommie / Weekend Special
  4.       Daniel Pretorius AKA Toight
  5.       Thulani Makoena AKA Oupa
  6.       Jessica Mcdonald AKA Sweet but Psycho / Mclovin
  7.       Kimberly Mcdonald AKA Old Mcdonald

We appreciate the continued support from Anton Louw (TUT) and CBC Old Boys squash committee members. We would like to grow the number of teams in 2020 and ensure that we do not just play squash but build lifelong friendship.

Go the Greens

CBT Squash Agenda 2019 AGM


    1. Payment System
      1. Moving forward we would like to propose two options for payment. EFT and Snapscan. Smaller transactions such as the buying of shirts will be reserved for the Snapscan facilities.
      2. Membership after July will be set to half price. Monthly membership subscriptions will not be considered as this becomes a hassle with management and keeping track of it all.    
      3. An email option will also be available for all parties involved (office and committee)
    2. League
      1. 2x Captains minimum per weekday (Monday to Thursday).
      2. New league bylaws.
      3. League training.
        1. Volunteers to do 2 training sessions out of season and 1 in season per week.
        2. Beginner group and intermediate to advanced group.
        3. Play with people better and worse than yourself, part of player of the year award.
      4. Leagues for 2020
        1. 8 Men
        2. 3 Ladies
    3. Sponsorships for 2020 (Tins, Shirts, Bar, Player of the Year Award Board).
    4. Shirts for 2020 – 2023
      1. Responsible
      2. Type
      3. Cost
      4. Ladies options
    5. Coaching
      1. Minimum membership required to receive coaching at the club.
      2. Maximum Fees for league player R250p/h
      3. Outside coaches allowed to coach CBC members outside of peak hours
      4. All coaches must register on the website in 2020
      5. Coaching Academy possibility 2020
    6. Non-Members
      1. No pay, no play. No day passes. It is cheap enough to become a member and we want to try and promote growth in the club.
      2. Other Northerns squash players may practise with club members with pre-approval from the committee.
      3. Any member ignoring this rule will be held responsible for the social membership and lights fee of that player.
    7. Student membership 16+
      1. R330 to CBC, SA Squash R120, Lights R350 = R900 Total
      2. Social R350 (Kids for coaching)
      3. TUT R300 for lights and a R50 WiFi fee.
    8. Scholars under 16
      1. R350
      2. League R550
    9. League Members R1750 (Increase in Northerns & Squash SA fees)
    10. Bar Upgrades
      1. Cupboards
      2. Microwave
      3. Hotplate
      4. Coffee Option?
    11. Sound / Computer (Sponsor, could provide us with a DSTV option on a decent PC)
    12. Aircon / Fans (High Cost)
    13. Bathroom Upgrades
      1. Hooks in Ladies
      2. Towels (Who will Clean them?)
    14. Social Membership 2020
      1. R1200 (R660 Subs, R350 lights, rest for the club admin. R100 p/m lights incl, most clubs charged R20 – R30 an hour for lights.
    15. Peak hours & Social Members
      1. On league days on peak hours only League members due to the availability of courts and the lack of bar and events support from our social members.
    16. 1st League Ladies
      1. We will have to pay a player for the No.1 spot (sponsorship?)
    17. 2020 in-house tournaments
      1. Club Championship
        1. Ladies
        2. Mens
        3. Junior 
        4. Master
      2. Doubles
      3. Ranking Tournament February
      4. A continuous player of the year competition
    18. Admin Management / Website / eCommerce
      1. Allow CBC office to the website
      2. No pay, No Access to booking or lights
      3. Quarterly mailer
      4. People responsible for website
        1. Subscriptions
        2. eCommerce
        3. Posts & Updates
    19. 2020 Tournaments to attend
      1. Mielieland
      2. Rhodes
      3. Rustenburg New Year Tournament
      4. UK or other options
    20. Lights Fees
      1. R350 2020
    21. DSTV
      1. R400 club point
      2. Through PC with a members subscription
    22. Structural Issues
      1. Quotes for main club for:
        1. Court 1 wall
        2. Front Walls
        3. Sidewall repairs previous effort by the unqualified company that caused  massive cracks damage to the walls
      2. Painting of courts after fixes
      3. Shade structure on deck
    23. WiFi extension for club PC + Access to all players including TUT(R50per TUT member)
    24. Social Cost
    25. Choose Committee members

Bowling highlights from the last few months

Bowling in pink fundraiser

The club hosted two special events the latter part of of 2019. A Breast Cancer Bowl for Pink event in October whereby R16K was raised for a Pretoria based charity Reach for Recovery. This was the fourth event of its kind and R56K have been donated to this charity the past 4 years. The annual Turkey Day, traditional presented in December was a huge success.

North Gauteng bowls Champion
Bowling in pink fundraiser

Ten club members were selected to represent Bowls Gauteng North in the 2020 Inter Districts Tournament.

Esme Kruger, a seasoned international player, represented SA in Australia on both the World Bowls Champ of Champs as well as the World Bowls Atlantic Championship whilst she also represented SA in The African States tournament in Kenya. She was also part of the victorious silver medallist team returning from the Common Wealth Games in 2018

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